With over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, admissions, and recruitment within higher education and non-profit sectors, Pari Pinyo has dedicated his career to serving underserved and marginalized populations. Drawn to NAPAWF’s mission to empower AAPI women, he brings a personal connection, having grown up with two older sisters and hard-working immigrant parents, particularly his mother who juggled two jobs totaling 80 hours a week to support their family. Fully supporting his wife in her career so she doesn’t have to make sacrifices, Pari demonstrates his dedication to fostering equity in both his personal and professional life. Additionally, he holds a strong belief in women in leadership and gender equity, striving to build a better world to address systemic barriers for his wife and daughter.

Pari boasts a proven track record of success in building and managing high-performing recruitment teams and implementing systems and structures for improved efficiency, reflecting his commitment to driving positive change in his field. Beyond work, he treasures spending quality time with his two children and indulging in his passion for cooking. Prior to joining NAPAWF, Pari served as the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at New Leaders, leveraging his expertise to enact meaningful change. He holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.