NAPAWF members and organizers build power with AAPI women and girls in communities across the United States. From teach-ins and direct actions to mobilizing the power of AAPI women voters, NAPAWF chapters are building a world where all AAPI women and girls can thrive.

Chapters and Membership

NAPAWF members are community-builders and advocates for systemic change. 

At local chapters, NAPAWF members build community power through gatherings, empowerment trainings, coordinated civic actions, and meetings with decision makers.

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Voter Engagement

When AAPI women vote, we make our voices heard.

NAPAWF’s Voter Engagement Program has been reaching out to AAPI women since 2018. Throughout the year, our dedicated team of organizers and canvassers work on the ground in key states and districts to ensure AAPI women voters know everything they need to vote! Our unique pan-Asian, intergenerational, and personal approach educates and mobilizes voters in native Asian languages and through in-language voting guides that connect voters to the issues that will impact their families and communities the most. 

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