With Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, our country is in a critical moment. The next Supreme Court justice will cast the key vote in decisions that will shape the lives of women of color and the movement for reproductive justice for generations. What’s more, the next justice will have a lifetime appointment and could sit on the Court for decades. The stakes could not be higher for AAPI women – our lives, our bodies, our families, and our communities are literally on the line.

The Trump Administration has relentlessly attacked the rights of women, immigrants, children, people of color, Muslims, the LGBTQ community. In these times, it is absolutely vital that our courts uphold the Constitution and protect us from these abuses of power. We need a fair-minded justice who will not trample on our most basic and fundamental rights or let personal bias compromise their judgment.

Learn more about the critical issues that are at stake for AAPI women, our families and our communities with this Supreme Court vacancy and the next Supreme Court justice.