October 5, 2019

Contact: Jaslin Kaur

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This evening, the Trump administration issued a proclamation that states immigrants will be denied visas to the US if they cannot prove their ability to obtain health insurance or pay for medical care. 

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum Executive Director Sung Yeon Choimorrow issued the following statement in response: 

“Days before the its discriminatory ‘public charge’ rule is to go into effect, while judges continue hearing cases on public charge, and amidst numerous attacks on health care for immigrants since taking office, this administration has launched yet another attack on immigrant access to health care that lays bare its cruel intentions: to limit the entry of immigrants to those who are healthy and wealthy.

“Furthermore, Trump’s proclamation employs inaccurate claims and bigoted stereotypes of immigrants who benefit from our health care system, when in fact, immigrants already face immense barriers to accessing care. This includes the five year bar that green card holders must wait before they are eligible for Medicaid and CHIP, and the prohibition of undocumented folks from buying health care plans on the marketplace made available by the Affordable Care Act. 

“The ability to be healthy and live with the peace of mind that comes with being healthy should not be afforded to only those who can obtain the right documents or who have the resources to receive medical care. This administration’s extreme and inhumane proclamation, is, plain and clear, keeping families apart by using their health and wealth to prevent them from reuniting. 

“AAPI women will not stand for this, and we refuse to stand idly by while our agency and autonomy are under attack. NAPAWF remains steadfastly committed, more than ever, to not just eliminate barriers to health care but also demand bold and forward change that treats immigrants as humans—as people deserving of care no matter their status or wealth. We urge Congress to advance immigrant access to healthcare so that AAPI immigrant women can have full control over our bodies, our families, and our communities with dignity.”

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