September 19, 2020
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National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum Executive Director Sung Yeon Choimorrow issued the following statement in response: 

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a deeply painful loss for our country and we extend our condolences to her loved ones in mourning.

Justice Ginsburg was a champion for gender equality and a pioneer for women. “I dissent” became a collective catchphrase inspired by her because of her determined defense of women’s rights, often as a dissenter. In the recent Supreme Court case Trump v. Pennsylvania, Justice Ginsburg dissented, noting that the Court’s decision to allow employers to exempt themselves from the Affordable Care Act’s contraception coverage requirement “leaves women workers to fend for themselves, to seek contraceptive coverage from sources other than their employer’s insurer, and, absent another available source of funding, to pay for contraceptive services out of their own pockets.” 

Justice Ginsburg’s notorious dissents indicate the reality that decisions coming from the Supreme Court often were not on the side of justice for our communities, who continue to struggle against attacks on our rights and our ability to thrive. If President Trump is able to confirm a nomination, those attacks on our lives, our families, and our communities will intensify and risk being sanctioned by our highest court. However, the people of this nation will not be silent in the process. We demand a judge who will protect the rights we have fought for and those that Justice Ginsburg worked to deliver, and we will be bold and fearless as that fight continues.”

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