Julie Su was nominated for Secretary of Labor in 2023, but the Senate has stalled her nomination.

We need Julie Su as Labor Secretary. She has the expertise and lived experience to be a strong advocate for immigrant workers.Julie Su is the daughter of Chinese immigrants. She grew up supporting her family’s small laundromat business and translating for her parents. Su got her start as a lawyer in the 90’s suing on behalf of Thai sweatshop workers who had been trafficked to the United States and enslaved. Su helped the workers gain permanent residency and successfully advocated for laws that made manufacturers and retailers responsible for subcontracted garment workers’ unpaid wages.Su previously served as the Deputy Labor Secretary under the last Labor Secretary, Marty Walsh. When Walsh resigned in 2023, Su became the Acting Secretary, and Biden nominated her for Secretary.The Senate stalled her nomination last year, but we need Julie Su as Labor Secretary. Send a message to your Senators today urging them to confirm Julie Su!