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On average, NHPI women earn 61 cents for every dollar earned by white, non-Hispanic men. This figure includes part-time and seasonal workers, in addition to full-time workers, to more accurately reflect the economic realities of NHPI women. Typically, wage data combines and calculates an average for all Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander women, amounting to 80 cents per white, non-Hispanic male dollar. However, when this data is disaggregated, it reveals that the wage gap is even wider for some AANHPI women. NHPI women in particular face tremendous disparities including start wage gap inequities depending on the state. 

The impact of the wage gap is not just about the numbers. It is about the real lived experiences of NHPI women. Often, NHPI women act as caretakers for both children and aging family members, and a disproportionate number are employed as essential workers including 24% of the Native Hawaiian population. The wage gap has exacerbated economic challenges facing the NHPI community even more, meaning NHPI women have less money for childcare, health care, saving and investing, and supporting themselves and their families. 

Join us for a virtual panel discussion to highlight the state of NHPI Equal Pay. This discussion will provide critical insight to the necessity of more conversations, research, and policy that center the lived experiences and needs of the NHPI community.

NHPI Equal Pay Panel

September 25, 2023

2:00pm PT / 4:00pm CT / 5:00pm ET


  • Estella Owoimaha-Church, EPIC, Executive Director
  • Shadelle Ku’uipo Hooper, Founder of Aloha Youth Organization of Oregon
  • Fuatino Ruta Lauleva Lua’iufi Aiono, founder & director of M.A.N.A. Pasefika