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May Thach (she/her) is a committed community organizer, international development practitioner, and advocate for civic engagement. A proud Khmer-Krom American immigrant, May moved to St. Petersburg, Florida at age 8 and grew up in a low-income, single-parent household, which sensitized her to the challenges faced by immigrant women in the U.S. May’s journey in service began in 7th grade through volunteering, leading eventually to a transformative experience in the Peace Corps in Zambia. There, she witnessed the profound impact of grassroots and community-led initiatives, shaping her dedication to social change. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, May graduated from UC San Diego in 2021 and returned home to St. Petersburg to join NAPAWF. Here, she works alongside passionate AAPI women to create a supportive environment and empower AAPI women in her community.

Outside of her advocacy work, May cherishes her pets deeply. She brought Ndiza, her beloved cat, from Zambia and recently welcomed Misoprostol (Miso) into her home. These furry companions bring joy and comfort to her life amidst her busy schedule. May Thach’s commitment to community, her passion for empowering marginalized groups, and her dedication to fostering inclusive spaces make her a valued advocate and leader in her community and beyond.