• Defeating Sex-Selective Abortion Bans Advocacy Toolkit
    AAPI women are taking back the narrative about who they are. Far-right politicians have been launching attacks on the reproductive decision-making of AAPI women. We ask our friends and allies across the country to push back on these sex-selective abortion bans. They do not only impact our community, they harm all women by opening the door to more and more abortion restrictions based on a woman’s motives, or projected motives.
  • Taking a Stand: Tools for Action on Sex Selection
    A collaborative effort between NAPAWF, Generations Ahead, and Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, the Toolkit provides reproductive rights and justice advocates with the tools to understand the complexity of sex selection abortion bans and their broader relationship to sex selection, build agreement and political will within organizations to take action, and develop advocacy strategy that lay the groundwork for achieving reproductive justice and coalition-building in the long-term.
  • Roe v. Wade Anniversary Toolkit
    In celebration and remembrance, NAPAWF encourages its chapters to educate members, allies, and communities about the importance of Roe and the continuing struggle to make abortion affordable and accessible to all women.  This toolkit includes factsheets about API women and reproductive health, a sample press release, a resource guide, and ideas for Roe anniversary events.
  • NAPAWF New Chapter Toolkit
    This toolkit will provide you with the resources necessary to establish a successful NAPAWF chapter. Help us organize locally to advance social justice and human rights for API women and girls!