Reproductive Health: Through Our Eyes


“Reproductive Health: Through Our Eyes” is an ongoing collaborative art project of the California Young Women’s Collaborative. It is a growing collection of 6″x8″ art panels representing community stories of reproductive health experiences. Contributions have come from allies, friends, workshop attendees, students and strangers.

To promote women’s health and cervical cancer awareness, “Reproductive Health” was showcased in an art exhibit at the UC Davis Memorial Union art gallery in April 2007.

Directions for contributing:

Using a 6″x8″ art panel and any art materials at hand, create a visual piece that depicts your own experience with reproductive health “through your eyes.”

You do not need to include your name if you prefer to remain anonymous.

We are collecting these individual canvases to create an ongoing and growing collaborative art project representing our community’s very diverse and powerful reproductive health stories. We hope to use this project to further promote awareness, dialogue and support for women’s health, in the belief that change and education can occur only through honest communication.

For more information about how to contribute your story, please contact us.