Kelly Bui

Kelly is currently a college student at the University of California, Irvine, majoring in Public Health Policy. Becoming a nurse, and helping others stand, are some of the few goals that she plans for the future. During her free time she loves to hang out with her family and friends. She also likes to go bouldering, play tennis, and watch movies.







Lana Cao

Lana is a senior majoring in Public Health Policy at UC Irvine. She has been involved with the California Young Women’s Collaborative since fall quarter 2010. As a Vietnamese American, Lana has learned about several health issues that affect the Vietnamese community that she was not aware of before working with CYWC. Realizing the lack of knowledge that she had about her own community, Lana hopes to continue on with CYWC to help the Vietnamese community, as well as other API groups become more knowledgeable about the health issues and concerns that affect individuals in society. She is excited to be given the opportunity to help raise awareness about API women’s concerns through CYWC’s research project and hopes that the UC Irvine cohort will be as successful as the previous cohorts. After graduating in June 2011, Lana hopes to become a health inspector to help public restaurants become a safer, cleaner and healthier place for employment and dining.

Melissa Chang

Melissa is a senior majoring in Biological Sciences. She is currently involved with the ophthalmology lab at UCI and is working on her research for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. Melissa also volunteers at hospitals, helps out with special needs children, and tutors children from underprivileged families. She enjoys snowboarding, traveling, and being part of the CYWC at the UCI campus. Being part of the CYWC has made Melissa aware about issues in the API community. Before joining CYWC, Melissa did not have a clue about what was going on in the API community. Melissa will be graduating in June 2011 and she wants to continue her education and receive her master’s in nursing. With a master’s in nursing, Melissa hopes to become a nurse educator and use her education to better serve the API community.

Jedrek Chua

Jedrek is a fourth-year undergraduate at UCI double majoring in Urban Studies and Public Health. He has always been interested in issues surrounding human rights and the visibility of disenfranchised populations. Jedrek believes issues concerning women’s rights intersect with other social justice issues and hopes to further raise awareness and empower others. He has been with CYWC since Fall Quarter 2010 and is currently working on qualitative research pertaining to women’s health and sex selection. He is an active member of Kababayan and also helps with psychology research. In addition, he is involved with student outreach. Upon graduation, he hopes to get into community development or public administration.

Stephanie Ho

Stephanie is a senior majoring in Public Health at UC Irvine. She is currently working as a marketer for the Doctors Surgery Center in Fountain Valley. She is originally from Fresno in Central California. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a career as a Physical Therapist. She has been involved with CYWC since fall of 2010, and is excited to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities to make a difference! In her spare time, she enjoys running, hanging out with friends, and keeping up with the latest office episodes.


Christine Lee

Christine is a senior double majoring in biological sciences and anthropology. She is on the Chinese Association dragonboat team at UCI and the secretary of UCI’s undergraduate chapter of Phi Delta Epsilon, a medical fraternity. Christine also volunteers at Kaiser, works in a physician’s office, and conducts biomedical research. She, along with three of her classmates, was recently awarded a research grant through UCI’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) for a qualitative study on the effects of sex selection and gender preference on the self-esteem of Asian American women, and was named a research fellow for the academic year of 2010-2011. Christine hopes to earn a dual master’s in physician assistant studies and public health, using what she learned from CYWC to improve Asian American women’s health in her community.

Allison Nguyen

As a senior double majoring in Public Health Policy and Business Economics, Allison hopes to pursue a career in the healthcare field ranging from health administration to community health research and advocacy. She has a chance to examine various health issues in the API communities for the first time through CYWC and is grateful for such wonderful opportunity. She is currently a fellow of the UCLA Riordan Healthcare Management program and a participant of the UCI Student Achievement Guided by Experience (SAGE) Scholars program. She hopes to complete a successful qualitative research project with her three teammates and mentor, Sang Trieu, regarding the issue of Sex Selection with the fellowship granted by UROP this year. Upon graduation, Allison plans to earn a master’s degree in Public Health with health care management and policy as the focuses.

Nina Nguyen

Nina is currently a senior at California State University, Fullerton with a major in Biology and minor in Asian American Studies. In the past year, she has been actively involved with NAPAWF’s CYWC project, in which her cohort conducted research and social action on reproductive behaviors of female college students, focusing on Pap smear knowledge and Pap smear screening rates of API women. After the cohort ended, she and her peers started the NAPAWF Orange County Chapter to continue their work in advocacy. Currently, she is the research/teaching assistant for the CYWC project at UC Irvine. She plans to earn a master degree in public health and pursue a career as an educator working with the API community.

Paula Noche

Paula is a senior majoring in Public Health Policy and minoring in Medical Anthropology. She is a So-Cal native with plans of traveling the world and working in underserved communities with a career as a public health professional. She has been involved with the California Young Women’s Collaborative since fall quarter 2010 and is excited to learn and bring awareness about issues prevalent in the API community. Some of her favorite activities include baking (cupcakes are her favorite,) hiking, and hiding in the bookstore, snuggling with her favorite book. Currently, she facilitates the transition of new pre-health interns into the clinical setting in the Clinical Care Extender program at Hoag Hospital. Paula likes to start her day off with a smile, and believes that if you “do what you love, the rest will follow.”

Thupten Dolma Phuntsog
Thupten is a transfer student in Public Health Policy. She is currently interning at the UCI Center for Service in Action as an Alternative Break intern/Global Brigades Liaison. She is the president of the UCI student chapter for Global Brigades and the VP of Finances for UCI Public Health Brigades. Thupten is passionate about anything related to public health, Tibet, her family, and nature. She enjoys yoga, traveling, arts and crafts, and being outdoors. After graduation, Thupten plans to volunteer in Tibet and get a Master’s in Public Health.


Deanna Thoi

Deanna is a graduating senior studying Anthropology, Public Health, and Sociology. Her passion is in helping others and hopes to use her knowledge on these three fields to work towards becoming a dietician. She plans on pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition. This academic year, she is a member of Habitat for Humanity and Vista Community Council. Upon taking the Asian American Women’s Public Health class at UCI, she did not know she would be involved with the California Young Women’s Collaborative, but now feels privileged to be a part of the team. She is looking forward to working with CYWC to raise awareness regarding API women’s issues.

Denise Tran

Denise is a senior majoring in Public Health Sciences. She has been involved with CYWC since Fall Quarter 2010. Denise, along with three other CYWC UCI classmates, received a grant and fellowship under the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) in order to explore the association of sex selection and gender preference on Asian Americans self-esteem and self-perception. This year, Denise is involved with two internships; one as a Clinical Care Extender at St. Francis Medical Center where she aides nurses and nursing assistants with patients’ needs, and the other as a Child Life Volunteer at UC Irvine Medical Center where she interacts and plays with pediatric patients or patients’ siblings or children. At UC Irvine, she used to serve on board as Public Relations for Aspiring Internships for the Medical Sciences. Upon graduation, Denise will attend nursing school and plans on serving as a nurse in impoverished countries.

Sang Leng Trieu

Sang is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Asian American Studies at UCI and a researcher/faculty for NAPAWF’s CYWC program. She is also the faculty mentor for four student fellows in the University Research Opportunities Program (UROP). She first started working with CYWC in 2009 when she facilitated the manuscript writing group with the UC Berkeley cohort. After an amazing 2010-11 year with the “never-ending” Cal State Fullerton cohort, she is very excited to be back at UCI where she completed her undergraduate work in the early 90’s. Sang holds a doctorate in public health and conducts research on sexual and reproductive health issues. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the California Family Health Council and on the steering committee of the California Adolescent Health Collaborative. Sang is a marathon runner and enjoys traveling, napping, and getting her daily dose of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. She feels very fortunate to be part of the CYWC where she is able to combine research, activism, and leadership development along with mentoring a dynamic group of API college students.

Julie Truong

Julie is a senior majoring in Public Health Policy with an anticipated graduating date of June 2011. She has been involved with CYWC since fall quarter 2010. Julie is an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, which aims to improve the campus and the community. After two years of interning at the Department of Homeland Security, with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, it made her realize that the U.S. approves many immigrants, but do not receive the right resources they need to improve their lifestyle here in the U.S.. Upon graduating, Julie hopes to find a job where she can utilize the skills and information she has learned through CYWC to help immigrants in the API community find their voice in society.

Liz Wong

Liz is a fourth year at UC Irvine pursing a B.A. in Public Health, with minors in Political Science and Art History. Upon graduation in June of 2011, she plans on furthering her education in public health and obtaining an MPH with a concentration in health promotion and education. Her interests include: HIV/AIDS, health disparities, chronic diseases, minority health, and global health. Specifically, her interest in Asian community health was initiated after a month internship in the rural villages of the Yunnan Province of China. Although she loves her hometown in Southern California, she hopes to work abroad for a few years after graduate school, and eventually end up in Washington, DC.

Lisa Wu

Lisa is a current UCI undergraduate who is majoring in Social Ecology. She is also a first generation Chinese American who is fluent in Cantonese. Her parents moved to America due to the One Child Policy that would have hindered her birth as the second child. Although her family started out in the bay area as minimum wage restaurant workers, they now manage their own family-run sushi restaurant down in San Diego. At UCI, Lisa is involved heavily in environmental sustainability research and internships through interdisciplinary works and has taken on special interests in CYWC since fall 2010. In the future, she plans to complete a Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP). In her free time, Lisa passionately plays Ultimate Frisbee for UCI and is Vice President of the Club Sports team.

Our class also held a Women’s Health Summit on campus, which was called Voice & Visibility. [program]