CYWC – UC Irvine


The California Young Women’s Collaborative has made its way to UC Irvine for 2010 and 2011! CYWC at UCI offers a 3-quarter course that provides intensive training in social science research methods within the context of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) women and public health. Students will learn about API women’s health issues both locally and nationally. They will then apply this knowledge by actively researching a women’s health topic that most affects the UCI campus community. Students will be required to work collaboratively to conduct community-based research and to disseminate an online survey tool of their own design. Students’ personal experiences and perspectives will be critical in informing their own research topics.

This research will serve as an organizing tool for students to become engaged in, and/or to lead, campus, local and state campaigns around women’s health issues. Students are highly encouraged to continue on to the next sections of this course, in which students will conduct social action projects based upon the research findings obtained in this class.

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