CYWC UC Irvine Cohort 2.0

CYWC Cohort 2011-12 - University of California, Irvine


Adrian Evangelista

Adrian Evangelista is a senior at the University California, Irvine hoping to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Policy.  Upon graduation he plans to apply to nursing schools to follow in the footsteps of his two older siblings, who are RNs at UCLA hospital.  He joined the CYWC in the fall and has learned many things about the API community that he plans to apply to the cohort study.  Currently, he is volunteering at Karate for All, an occupational therapy program incorporating Martial Arts with rehabilitation.  Adrian likes to play basketball and other sports when his is not injured and likes to watch movies, play board games, and knit clothes to pass the time.

Aissa Fernandez 

Aissa is a senior majoring in Public Health Policy and International Studies. For the past two years she has been involved with UCI Housing working as a Resident Advisor for first-years, transfer students, and international students. Aissa’s main passion is community service as she has participated with volunteer organizations such as Alternative Winter Break, Public Health Brigades, Invisible Children, and is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity. Teaching has also been a favorite past-time of hers as Aissa currently facilitates AIDS fundamentals discussions meant to break stigmas attached to the AIDS community, and interns with the organization Global Connect where she exposes high school students to current global issues. Aissa discovered CYWC upon attending the previous cohort’s Voice & Visibility: Asian and Pacific Islander Women’s Health Summit, and knew she had to seize the opportunity to be a part of this class. Aissa feels extremely privileged to be a part of CYWC and would like to thank NAPAWF for their sponsorship. Upon graduating, Aissa hopes to pursue a Masters in Public Health and work for a non-governmental organization focusing on global health.


Belyn Lai

Belyn V. Lai is currently a fifth year student at UCI studying Public Health Policy. Her professional work experiences focus on social media and public relations. She hopes to be able to synergize these two fields to create more awareness on global health issues. By participating in CYWC this year, Belyn has learned more about API issues and hopes to be able to make a difference in the API community by educating people about how to prevent certain public health issues.  Belyn’s ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible. She values integrity, success, growth, social responsibility, and relationships. In her free time, Belyn likes to blog, play piano, cook, exercise, and shop. Previously, she has been involved in other organizations at UCI, including REACH and Delta Sigma Pi. She has also served as a SPOP staffer and a Resident Advisor.




Brenda Yeh

Brenda is a third year college student at the University of California, Irvine. Majoring in political science and minoring in public health policy, she aspires to become a lawyer one day. Although law and politics are her main focuses, she has a strong interest in health related issues. Brenda is originally from Taiwan and spent most of her life there until she moved to California for college. During her spare time, Brenda likes to watch TV shows, clean the house, spend time with her friends and family, and do yoga.




Claudia Moya

Claudia is a senior majoring in Anthropology and Public Health. Since freshman year, she has been highly involved in Global Brigades, specifically with the Global Medical Brigade chapter at UC Irvine. She currently serves as the president of Global Medical Brigades and also as the campus chairperson for Global Brigades. Her passion for global health, sustainability and community empowerment has led her to find interest in CYWC. Before CYWC, Claudia knew very little about what health issues effect the API community. With this class, she hopes to not only learn more about those issues but to apply what she learns to her future work. Upon graduation, Claudia plans to volunteer abroad for a year before applying to graduate school where she will pursue a Master’s in Public Health, with healthcare management and policy as her focus.



Diana David

Diana is a third year at UCI double majoring in Public Health Policy and Public Health Sciences.  She is currently involved in volunteering for a research lab at UCI and tutoring children struggling in school.  On her spare time she enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, and playing the piano.  She hopes to achieve a career in the medical field where she can travel the world helping underprivileged communities improve their health.






Jedrek Chua

Jedrek is an undergraduate at UCI double majoring in Urban Studies and Public Health. As an advocate for health justice and ally for women’s rights, he has worked extensively with the California Young Women’s Collaborative conducting research and organizing social justice projects dedicated to filling the gap in API public health data. He served as a community liaison with the Community Outreach Partnership Center building bridges between the campus community and the neighborhood. Jedrek also worked as an intern for the Cambodian Family where he assisted with community-needs assessments in the Santa Ana area. Currently, he serves as Academic Senate Commissioner for UCI’s student government where he has appointed and advised undergraduate representatives to discuss issues around educational policy.




Jennifer Liou

Jennifer is finishing her senior year at University of California, Irvine, currently studying Anthropology with an emphasis in medicine and public health. She hopes to take her research knowledge and experience from CYWC to effect great changes at the community health level, from nutrition to preventative medicine. She is passionate about helping others to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle through education and practice. In her free time, she likes to cook, read, and explore hiking trails.





Kelly Bui

Kelly is currently a college student at the University of California, Irvine, majoring in Public Health Policy at UC Irvine. She has been involved with the California Young Women’s Collaborative since fall quarter 2010. Kelly is a senior in public health policy and is interested in working with the Vietnamese population and also looking into research. She is looking forward to working with CYWC to raise awareness regarding API women’s issues. Becoming a nurse, and helping others stand, are some of the few goals that she plans for the future. During her free time she loves to hang out with her family and friends. She also likes to go bouldering, play tennis, and watch movies.




Marjan Nasehipour

Marjan is a fourth year Public Health Policy undergraduate student in University of California Irvine. One of her major goals in life is to ultimately become a dentist, but she enjoys majoring in Public Health policy and considers volunteering in different organizations to earn more experiences. She was born and raised in Iran, thus it is really important for her to provide unlimited help to Persian communities. It is her goal to bring awareness of issues that are surrounding Persian communities, and provide campaign that will raise funds for her people in need back in Iran. One of her number one priorities that she would like to work on in future is women’s rights that have been taken away from them after the Islamic revolution back in 1978, and deliver a voice for women and children in Iran that are not able to stand up and speak for themselves.




Luwissa Wong

Luwissa Wong is currently a third year Public Health Policy Major at UC Irvine, anticipating on graduating this coming Summer 2012. She loves learning about Asian American Health Issues and CYWC has helped enhance her desire to learn more about health related issues among Asian Americans. In the near future, she hopes to give back to her Asian American Community. Currently, Luwissa is a Child Life Intern at the UC Irvine Medical Center with the Child Life Program. As an Intern, she assists Child Life Specialists and accompanies pediatric patients by playing games or doing arts and crafts with them. She has also been involved with volunteering with the Orange County Health Care Agency in the Epidemiology and Assessment Department in Santa Ana. Luwissa has always been passionate about helping others within her community and aspires to become a Nurse Professional in the near future. After graduation, she plans on continuing her education to obtain her Masters in Nursing towards becoming a Nurse Professional.


Melissa Guevarra

Melissa is a senior at UC Irvine majoring in Public Health Policy and expects to graduate by June 2012. After graduating from UCI, she plans on finding a job in the public health field. Once settled with a job for a few years, she hopes to go back to school to get her master’s degree. In her free time, Melissa enjoys watching TV and hanging out with her family and friends.







Michelle Orgeta

Michelle is currently a fourth year undergraduate majoring in Public Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine. She is a passionate individual who loves helping others and holds an optimistic view of life. In her spare time, she enjoys watching sunsets, and having a good time with her family and friends. She has been involved with the California Young Women’s Collaborative since Fall 2011 and is excited to use her new knowledge and skills gained from her experience to make a difference in the community. She is expecting to graduate in June 2012, and hopes to pursue her masters in public health with a concentration in health promotion after graduation.





Mylan Pham

Mylan is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Irvine, majoring in Public Health Sciences and minoring in Psychology Social and Behavior. She has always been an advocate for health care access. Currently, she is working at the Center of Environmental and Occupational Health, assisting with research in toxicology. Mylan is an active member of UCI’s undergraduate chapter of Phi Delta Epsilon, a medical fraternity. In addition, she interns at multiple hospitals, as well as organizations, such as Providence Community Services and the Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation. After graduation, she aspires to become a physician assistant, specializing in Oncology and Hematology.




Neha Bhargava

Neha is from the Bay Area and is a fourth year majoring in Biology with a minor in Public Health at UC Irvine. She is currently serving her second year as Co-President of The National Society of Leadership and Success, an honors society she has been a member of since Spring Quarter, 2009. Additionally she has been an Intern with the American Diabetes Association located in Costa Mesa since August, 2011. Neha has been a part of CYWC since Fall Quarter 2011 and has learned a lot about the disparities within the API Community and the need for disaggregated data about API’s. Neha enjoys reading and watching TV shows like White Collar and Castle in her spare time.



Nikita Shah

Nikita is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Biological Science at UC Irvine. She is currently involved in undergraduate research work at the Onco-imaging at the UC Irvine School of Medicine. Nikita also interns at Hoag hospital and loves to explore new fields and specialties within the medical field. Nikita is very out-going and loves to spend time with friends and family, she also loves to meet new people and explore different cultures. She has currently been in the CYWC program since fall of 2011 and is excited to learn more about the program. Being a part of CYWC has helped her learn more about health as well as domestic issues within the API community and is excited to see where this UCI cohort takes her. During her free time she loves to play basketball, watch movies, and spend time outdoors. Upon graduation in June of 2013, her plan is to medical school and become a doctor, and perhaps use what she has learned in medicine and travel to help countries and people in need.


Sumera Chaggan

Sumera is currently a senior at the University of California, Irvine, majoring in Public Health Policy and minoring in Psychology and Social Behavior. She is a current intern at Community Alliance Network of Orange County that focuses on prevention from Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.  After graduating she wants to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant and practice medicine under the supervision of surgeons and physicians. At UCI, she is a currently involved with Public Health Brigades and National Society of Leadership and Success. Feels fortunate to be a part of CYWC at UCI, and love to work on research projects and raising awareness to the community. She loves to watch movies and television shows.





Vanessa Au

Vanessa is a senior majoring in Public Health Sciences and Public Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine. Currently, she is the Treasurer for Public Health Association and a Nutrition and Sexual Health Peer Educator for the Health Education Center. She became involved with CYWC during Fall 2011 and since, has increased her knowledge and awareness concerning Asian and Pacific Islander women. Upon graduation from UCI, Vanessa hopes to pursue a Masters in Public Health and a career involving community health.






Yasna Saify

Yasna is a fourth-year undergraduate student at University of California- Irvine, major in Public Health and minor in Psychology. She is planning to pursue a dual OD/ MPH degree upon completing her undergraduate studies at UCI. Yasna, along with ten other students, was recently awarded a research grant through UCI’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) for a qualitative study on the effects of headache among UCI students. Furthermore, She is the president of PASHA-UCI Chapter (Persian American Society for Health Advancement) that creates opportunities to improve health among vulnerable populations within the Iranian/Persian community. In addition, she has earned President’s Student Service Award through her volunteer work for Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Honor Society. She has been involved with California Young Women’s Collaborative (CYWC) since fall of 2011 and is excited to raise awareness regarding the women’s health issues around the world. Her goal is to join World Health Organization (WHO) and travel to underserved communities as a public health professional and help indigent people.




Sang Leng Trieu – Visiting Assistant Professor

Sang is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Asian American Studies at UCI and a researcher/faculty for NAPAWF’s CYWC program. When she’s not consumed with CYWC, she holds down several other public health gigs, namely working for the Ohlone College Student Health Center and as a Senior Program Manager at the California School Health Centers Association. Sang holds a doctorate in public health and conducts research on sexual and reproductive health issues. She is a member of the California Preconception Health Council, the California Medical Association Foundation’s Cervical Cancer/HPV Advisory Committee, the Healthy Campus 2020 National Task Force, and also serves on the steering committee of the California Adolescent Health Collaborative. Sang is a marathon runner and enjoys traveling, napping, and getting her daily dose of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. She feels so privileged to be part of CYWC where she is able to combine research, activism, and leadership development along with mentoring a dynamic group of API college students.


Denise Tran – Teaching/Research Assistant

Denise Tran recently graduated UC Irvine with a Bachelor’s in Public Health Science. She has been involved with CYWC since Fall Quarter 2010. Denise is currently working for professor Sang Trieu, as a Teaching and Research Assistant for CYWC UC Irvine’s second cohort. She also works at a physician’s office, interns at St. Francis Medical Center as a Clinical Care Extender, and volunteers at the UC Irvine Medical Center under the Child Life Program. Through CYWC, she has been involved with various research projects regarding Asian American Public Health. Denise plans on obtaining her Masters degree in Nursing, and is looking forward to reach out to underserved Asian American communities. She is actively involved and serving at Berean Community Church. On her free time, she enjoys painting and drawing, working out, journaling in the park and spending quality time with her friends one-on-one.