2013-2014 Minnesota Young Women’s Collaborative

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus

During the 2013-14 academic year, the Minnesota Young Women’s Collaborative (MYWC) was hosted at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus. As a part of the course, a campus-wide survey of undergraduate female students ages 18-25 was conducted during Fall 2013. A total of 1,401 students responded to the survey, of which 235 self-identified as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI). AAPI data collected was disaggregated by ethnicity, however, it was necessary to aggregate due to small sample sizes of each AAPI ethnicity. Students in the MYWC program used this campus-wide survey data to create 4 factsheets on the topics of contraception, pap test/HPV, relationships, and sexual education.



Social Action Projects

First: HPV Media Campaign


Healthy Relationships Media Campaign


Sex Education Media Campaign