What Does Roe Mean for API Women?

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This month, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. We are thankful the Supreme Court case has given so many women in this country the opportunity to have safe and legal abortion care, and that it brought us one step closer to a world where women are truly free and can determine the course of our own lives. We hope you are celebrating, too! Still, we know the promise of Roe remains incomplete for many women, including women in our own community. Many Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) women still do not have meaningful access to their reproductive rights because they simply cannot afford abortion care. And, restrictions that both target API women and disproportionately affect us are a growing trend.

We’re honoring and reflecting on Roe by answering the question: At forty years old, what does Roe mean for API women? We’re breaking taboos that block progress by speaking up about our values and experiences, and talking about the policies we need to make sure all women in our community can exercise their reproductive rights.

Here are links to reflections from API women on the topic:

Have We Really Come That Far? API Women and Abortion 40 Years After Roe, by Christine Poquiz
Why Abortion Matters to Me, by Nadia Hussain
Reclaiming Choice, by Priscilla Huang
My Decision, by Yong Hee Eo
VIDEO: Joy Baynes telling her abortion story, Advocates for Youth 1 in 3 Campaign
VIDEO: Shivana Jorawar on why we need to lift bans on abortion coverage in Medicaid


And, we’ve been collecting shoe photos and quotes from NAPAWF community members proclaiming, “politicians shouldn’t be making decisions about our reproductive health because they don’t know the circumstances of our lives– they’re not in our shoes! Here’s a sneak peek! (Click here to see more)

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