NAPAWF currently has five priority program areas, which are inspired and informed by our chapters and our individual members across the country.

Anti-Human Trafficking

API women represent the largest segment of persons trafficked into the United States, which makes it crucial that Asian and Pacific Islander women and activists are included in long-term strategies that address the issue of human trafficking. NAPAWF is shaping an inclusive, national dialogue on human trafficking that embraces a human rights framework and is grounded in addressing the root causes of violence and exploitation.

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Immigrant Rights

Immigrant women are more likely than U.S. born women to live in poverty, be unemployed and lack health insurance. NAPAWF believes that a race and gender analysis is critical to the development of fair and just immigration reform and immigration-related policies. As policy makers and advocates continue to push for reforms to the U.S. immigration system, few have considered the impact these policies may have on immigrant women. Accordingly, NAPAWF is committed advocating for the rights immigrant of immigrant API women.

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Reproductive Justice

The sexual and reproductive lives of API women and girls matter. Yet, on both the local and national level, the needs of API women have largely been ignored.  To that end, NAPAWF advocates for policy changes to a broad range of sexual and reproductive justice issues that impact the lives of API women and girls, and works to educate our members, policymakers and the public on these issues. NAPAWF is inserting API women and girls into the national dialogue about health care, reproductive health, healthy work environments and sex selection.

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Young Women’s Leadership Development

NAPAWF is committed to cultivating the next generation of API women leaders and activists through empowerment, leadership development and skills building.

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Coalition Building

As a multi-issue organization, cross-movement building and coalition work are crucial to achieving our goal to advance social justice for API women and girls.  Thus, NAPAWF both leads and participates in a number of coalitions and partnerships that focus on issues ranging from nail salon worker health and safety to immigrant women’s rights.  NAPAWF believes that cross-movement and coalition building strategies represent an intersectional approach to addressing the challenges faced by API women and girls.

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In addition to our core program areas, NAPAWF also monitors other human rights and social justice issues that affect API women and girls. To learn more, visit our Archives section.