Chapter News

March 19, 2009

On March 19th, 2009, Vice President Biden hosted a Town Hall at the New Flyer of America bus assembly plant in St. Cloud, Minnesota. At the Town Hall, Vice President Biden unveiled the Middle Class Task Force, which he heads, and drummed up support for the President’s economic recovery plans. Biden was joined by Secretary Duncan (Education), Secretary LaHood (Transportation), Secretary Donovan (HUD), Secretary Vilasick (Agriculture), and Senator Klobuchar.

NAPAWF St. Cloud members Anjali Dreyer, Azania Tripp, Tahira Naroth, and Hedy Tripp were there to make sure that Asian and Pacific Islander women and girls would not be left out of the conversation about economic recovery.

During the Q&A, Azania addressed Vice President Biden with a question about how the “newly established White House Council of Women and Girls was going to collaborate with the economic recovery plans to ensure long-term equality for women and girls.” Vice President Biden assured Azania that unlike previous economic recovery efforts, women were not going to be left out and cited President Obama’s ongoing commitment to gender equity.

After the event, Azania said she was pleased with the vice president’s presentation. As quoted in the St. Cloud Times, “it’s pretty exciting and fulfilling to be here,” she said after taking pictures with Biden. “Our organization is about bringing up women and girls, and I feel like we’re going to move forward.”

Click here for the full video of the event. (Azania’s question is at 59:40 into the event.)