Reproductive Justice Survey Project

In 2011, NAPAWF-Chicago received a grant from the Chicago Foundation for Women’s Silk Fund to launch a project on one of NAPAWF’s prioritized issue areas: reproductive justice. With the grant, the chapter launched the Reproductive Justice Survey Project–a community-wide project to increase understanding and resources focused on the sexual and reproductive health and wellness of Asian Pacific Islander (API) women in the Chicago area and to foster linkages between organizations that serve and/or advocate for API women and girls. Joy Messinger served as the project coordinator and implemented the work plan to its full success in 2012.

Through the Reproductive Justice Project, NAPAWF-Chicago collected information on how API women and girls view the issue of reproductive justice and its importance within their communities through an internet-based survey and community-based facilitated conversations with API women and girls, and their allies. The Reproductive Justice Project also engaged community leaders and organizations that serve, work with, and/or advocate for issues that impact API women and girls to produce a dynamic resource directory (a link will be provided soon!) reflective of the needs and priorities of Chicago’s API communities. Six community circles were held, and overall, 127 people participated in the project through hosted discussions or the online survey.

We are proud to present the Reproductive Justice Survey Project report, which gives a detailed view of our findings. For the Chicago community, this report is key in evaluating the current status of the reproductive justice movement for API women in girls and serves as a great resource for us to continue building the reproductive justice work for NAPAWF-Chicago and our allies.

Check out photos of our launch for the Reproductive Justice Survey Project report!