We Belong Together Delegation in Alabama - 21 Mar 2012

21 Mar 2012

We Belong Together (WBT) is a national campaign that the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum is co-leading with the National Domestic Workers Alliance. WBT calls for an end to anti-immigrant legislation on the federal, state and local levels, and an end to the anti-immigrant climate. We do this by forming diverse alliances between women’s organizations and immigrant rights groups, by exposing the negative impact of the anti-immigrant climate on women and children, by highlighting the powerful leadership of women in immigrant rights organizing, and by creating new opportunities for women and children to take action for the rights and dignity of all immigrants.

In September 2011, WBT led a women's delegation to Georgia to uplift the voices and stories of women and children who were directly impacted by Georgia's copycat law of Arizona's SB1070, HB 87.

In March 2012, WBT will lead another delegation to Alabama to stand alongside women and children to oppose Alabama's controversial and harsh law, HB 56, which has been said to be tougher than SB 1070. HB 56 has already devasted many families and people, so stay tune to learn more about how you can help WBT amplify a progressive voice for human rights!