Show Up for Immigrant Rights

February 14, 2017

We need your help. Join us as we show up for each other and immigrant rights for our communities.​​​ Share this link with your friends and family:

In the past 72 hours, the Trump administration has begun targeting immigrants and their families nationwide.

  • ​Undocumented communities are being targeted, detained, and set for deportation in huge numbers on the basis of racial profiling. Most are being detained without the opportunity to speak to an attorney or see a judge.
  • Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed they raided homes and workplaces arresting people individually and through sweeps of large apartment complexes in Texas, California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Kansas, and Virginia.
  • They’re making ​collateral arrests of other people who were not originally targeted (i.e. people who just ​happened to be there​ in their homes, workplaces, and on public transportation).
  • ICE confirmed that these raids were just “business as usual,”​​ implying that they conduct targeted enforcement operations daily. They certainly don’t think something extraordinary is happening even though our families and livelihoods are at stake.
  • Rumors of ICE raids and threats to immigrant families have spread to South Asian communities. For instance, many South Asian and Arab families in West Ridge, Chicago​, were advised to lie low, thinking twice whether or not to leave their homes for unnecessary trips. Texts about police profiling on the streets spun from phone to phone in the South Asian community in Carrollton, TX.​ Our local communities are shaken.​​​

More than 10 million AAPI women and trans people live in the U.S.

​What you can do: Take action to support each other. Show solidarity with one another and other AAPI immigrants and targeted immigrants of color.

1. Forward the below information to anyone you know who might be targeted by Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda:​

​What to do if ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) Comes to Your Door

2.​ Call your Congressional representative at 202-224-3121 and tell them you want these raids to stop immediately.

3. Find your local elected officials’ contact information​and call to demand they take steps to protect immigrant communities from attack.

4. ​​Find your local marches & vigils opposing these raids.​​​ ​Stay tuned next week for more information on how you can support NAPAWF & receive a Direct Action Toolkit!

NAPAWF chooses love of immigrants and keeping our families together. We hope you will too.