Statement of Commitment to Ending Sex Selection

Organization Pledge

As leaders in the South Asian community, we recognize that son preference and resulting sex selective practices need to be addressed with effective, culturally competent, community-based approaches that work to increase respect for the human rights and dignity of all women and girls. For years, we have worked to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence, including forms of reproductive coercion that pressure women to either have or not have a child.

Today, we pledge our ongoing commitment to ending son preference, the root cause of sex selection, and oppose any legislation that will limit and stigmatize the reproductive decision-making of South Asian women in a purported effort to end sex selection.


Gender-based discrimination: 
We oppose discriminatory beliefs and practices that result in cultural and structural inequities, including but not limited to unequal pay and employment opportunities for women, all forms of violence against women, and limited control over one’s own reproductive destiny.

Gender stereotyping: The assumption that men and women, and boys and girls, must fulfill traditional gender roles and behave in certain, predetermined ways according to their sex.

Son preference: Rooted in gender-based discrimination and stereotyping, a preference in many—if not all—cultures for sons over daughters. Due to gender inequity, in most societies sons and not daughters are expected to bring wealth and status to a family, and enjoy legal benefits such as passing down the family name as well as owning and inheriting property.

Raising the status of women and challenging gender stereotypes: 
For years, through campaigns, community forums, high-profile events, and media, our organizations have been sending the message in the South Asian community that men and women are equally valuable and capable, and deserve to enjoy equal economic opportunities, freedom from violence, and self-determination.

Economic empowerment: Through professional development, financial education, and scholarship programs, we assist women in our community in achieving economic security, self-sufficiency and financial autonomy.

Leadership development: Through skills- building workshops and creating opportunities for women and girls to lead their own movements for social change, we support South Asian women and girls in becoming leaders in their communities and beyond.

Raising awareness: Recognizing that son preference and resulting sex selective practices is an issue that needs to be addressed, we hold community dialogues on improving the value of women and girls and will develop forms of engagement specifically designed to end sex selective practices.

Service Delivery: Through individual support and services to women in our community, we increase their sense of bodily integrity/autonomy, build their capacity to challenge inequity in their own families, and raise their children under a framework that promotes gender equity.

Capacity Building: We commit to increasing our capacity to address reproductive coercion through case management with individual women, gathering data on its incidence to inform systemic advocacy, and developing messaging that specifically takes on this issue.

The following organizations are committed to ending sex selection in effective, culturally competent ways:

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