Contact Members of Congress!


We urge you to take action and demand Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act. Demand that they reject amendments and bills that tighten border securityㅡincluding the construction of a border wallㅡ, increase detention and deportation, implement changes to family-based visas and petitions, or restrict immigrant access to health care.

Here are two things you can do before September 25:

1) Make a phone call – Call at least one member of Congress on this targeted call list (three calls would be great!). You can use the suggested script included in the call list.

2) Plan an in-district legislative visit – If you live in or near any of these key districts, please consider paying your Representatives a visit. Contact NAPAWF Policy Director Vimala Phongsavanh for advice (401-378-1949 | .

Remember: A DREAM Act that has been altered to support an anti-immigrant, white supremacist administration is not the solution to our nation’s broken immigration system. We must relentlessly demand a clean DREAM Act.

Together, let us fight to protect our immigrant youth, their families, and our immigrant communities.