Mamas in the Movement

As NAPAWF members and mamas in the movement, we know our work on issues, like reproductive justice and immigrant rights, have positive impacts on mothers, daughters, sons, families, and communities across the nation. Here are our own personal stories on why NAPAWF is important to us and why we keep working for justice and human rights for AAPI women & girls.

Kim Ford

Kim and her son

Kimberly Ford, Colorado Chapter: 

“NAPAWF has been a light in a dark room during my recent experience of becoming a single mother. In April 2013, I found out I was pregnant by a man that convinced me to have his child. Through his manipulation, I got pregnant and soon after having his child, he left me. Alone is how I felt until joining NAPAWF as I connected with sisters nationwide that understand how women’s bodies are often used as tools of power and control.

The conversations and experiences of AAPI women are often hidden. In my personal story, the shame I felt around his manipulation was severe. I know that I am one of the thousands of AAPI women whose bodies have been abused instead of valued. There is an urgent need to address the way this happens so often in our community and NAPAWF has been in constant support of me sharing my story and not shaming me for my story.

Today, I am a proud sister of NAPAWF because I know that our work for reproductive justice and our other advocacy work are vital for our community’s health and survival. “

Kim Nguyen, Orange County, CA Chapter: 

Kim and her son

Kim and her son

“As a mother, family is my number one priority. I have been fortunate enough to stay at home and watch my son grow up each day since he was born. From his first laugh, his first smile, and all the ones in between, it’s been an amazing journey with this tiny person whom I carried in my womb for nine months and will carry in my heart for the rest of my life. As a mother, I hold my family together.

Unfortunately, some immigrant mothers do not have this opportunity. As a mother, I cannot fathom the pain of being torn from my child and my family, yet there millions of immigrant women out there are suffering from our broken immigration system. The advocacy work that NAPAWF has done to help families stay together is crucial to our communities. Mothers are the backbone to families and as a fellow NAPAWF mother, I support the rights of immigrant mothers and their children—I support the rights of families.”