Whose body is at stake? St. Cloud says…!

The conversion of oxygen to hydrogen is the conversion of change.
Whose body is adapted to change in the movement of change.

An absence of silence has spoken within us
Asking, searching and rallying for the right of reproductive justice: a woman’s right!

For the definite purpose.
For the next generations of continuation of change.
Whose body will be separated, delegated and deported.

The wrong of immigration’s law compiles the rights so that We Belong Together: HB 87
The change is within one’s soul.
Create theory that had never been told, sold into a country we now call home.

Home! Home. Home?

my mother speaks Khmer
My native tough is ThaI
I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes
My Home is
Saint Paul, Minnesota.
I even have the accent to prove it.

home is where the heart is, but if home isn’t near
Where does the heart belong to?
how do we reconnect, after Facebook, my space era is gone.
My status will say…….HOME is where my heart belongs. Family!

Calling out to whose body
Can produce chains of steel
Change of movement
Change of momentum

Produced by brotherhood and sisterhood. Sweat and tears of raw passion. Whose body shall we concieve.

The conversion of sunset to sunrise
Is the conversion in change of energy

A magnificent force
Who lights up the sky with stars of each individual soul
Brightens daily with the reminder of yesterday and dream of tomorrow.

Whose bodies are magnificently changed?

Narate Judie Keys
Proud Member Of CARM & NAPAWF
Spoken Word Artist


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