Zenei Cortez


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Zenei Triunfo Cortez, President of the California Nurses Association/National Nurse Organizing Committee, is one of 15 fierce women being profile as part of the 15 APA Women Leader Spotlights Campaign and is being endorsed by the Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ).

Zenei is the first Filipino to be elected president of the California Nurses Association/National Nurse Organizing Committee, which has 75,000 members in 40 states, and represents nurses at scores of hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies.  She has also served on CNA’s State Board of Directors and has been a past vice-president.The CAN/NNOC is a health care union that is predominantly female. They have been a voice for nurses not only in the workplace but have played a national role in winning health coverage for everyone.Zenei is an immigrant and a cancer survivor which informs her passion for social justice.  Her involvement in the union began with her own experience fighting discrimination on the job.  Since winning that grievance she dedicated herself to encouraging fellow RNs to speak up for their rights.  The CNA is on the forefront of patients’ rights advocacy having won battles to lower the nurse/patient ratios to insure quality of care.

About FAJ:

Filipino Advocates for Justice was established in 1973 in response to the growing influx of immigrants from the Philippines and the discrimination they faced as newcomers to the U.S. Today, FAJ serves the more than 120,000 Filipinos in the East Bay.  Our target populations are youth, low to moderate-income immigrants/ newcomers, and low wageworkers primarily care givers who are overwhelmingly immigrant women.  FAA’s mission is to build a strong and empowered Filipino community by providing services, developing leaders, organizing constituents, and advocating for policies that promote social and economic justice and equity.  Our vision is for a Filipino community with the power to advance social and economic justice and to realize democratic and human rights for everyone.