Lisa Chen


Lisa would like you to donate to NAPAWF because

“[NAPAWF women] are amazingly fierce sisters! Being in a room full of fierce APA womyn is an empowering experience. ” 

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Lisa Chen, Community Advocate at Asian Law Caucus, is one of 15 fierce women being profile as part of the 15 APA Women Leader Spotlights Campaign and is also being endorsed by the Asian Law Caucus.

Nominated by Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights Through Education (ASPIRE), the first Asian undocumented student group of its kind lifting voices of those directly impacted by our broken immigration system, Lisa works closely with ASPIRE as a mentor and fierce advocate.

Lisa is the daughter of a single immigrant mother who worked tirelessly as a waitress while she was growing up. It’s through her childhood experiences that drive Lisa to want to work at the intersections of working class issues and immigrant struggles. She’s an organizer,  and food lover – from cookies to pumpkin pie goodness. For ASPIRE, she’s a great leader, community advocate, and role model.