Jenny Lares

Jenny invites you to support NAPAWF because

“There are very few spaces and organizations that allow you to be and discover who you are while fighting for you. We need the work of NAPAWF to continue for all of us and for future generations.”

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Jenny Lares, community advocate at Sulu DC, is one of 15 fierce women being profile as part of the 15 APA Women Leader Spotlights Campaign, and is being endorsed by University of Maryland, College Park’s higher education administration student, Peter Decresc.

Jenny C. Lares is an APA leader willing to sacrifice luxuries to give community building a try. She works a part-time job at a local college while dedicating much of her time to the completely volunteer run organization, Sulu DC. Without Jenny’s work ethic and passion to provide empowering spaces for AAPI artists, Sulu DC would not be celebrating its second birthday on November 19th. Jenny’s efforts continually inspire her peers at Sulu DC.

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