‘Jas’ Tram Nguyen




Jas would like you to donate to NAPAWF because she “supports NAPAWF because NAPAWF take action to raise awareness for woman’s rights.”

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Jas Nguyen is one of 15 fierce women being profile as part of the 15 APA Women Leader Spotlights Campaign.

Jas does not just talk about problem, she does something about it.   Like a small pebble throwing down into a quiet, submissive pond, she has created gentle waves of unconditional love and connection that could free someone’s life from fear and from pleasing everybody.  And under Jas Nguyen’s leadership, Asian Labrys Forum is a trusted, safe helping hand for someone who needs a lift to find her true voice and make a CHANGE in her life by taking courage sharing her stories and passions which are always ignored in a hostile environment that still downgrades women as second class citizens.

From charity works to young leadership skill building efforts, Jas Nguyen has sent a strong message to the Vietnamese women all over the world that we must love and support each other in solidarity that we are no longer invisible.