Amy Lam


Amy would like you to donate to NAPAWF because “There are few voices for Asian Americans in the women’s reproductive justice movement. With NAPAWF at the table, I know that Asian American women’s voices will be heard.”

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Amy Lam is the Program Director at Street Level Health Project and is one of 15 fierce women being profiled as part of the 15 APA Women Leader Spotlights Campaign.

Amy is a trailblazer, piercing the thick jungle with a machete and making sure the rest of the pack makes it.  Her pioneering work on APA women and sexual health confronts cultural norms and taboos while challenging the binding silence of the status quo on APA women and girls.

As a past research director of the California Young Women’s Collaborative (CYWC), Amy inspired a new generation of young APA women to recognize their power through research and data collection, connecting them to the broader goals of social advocacy and advancement of women and girls in the community.

Amy’s commitment to mentoring younger APA women also make her a fierce leader.  She guides them to become powerful, influential shakers and makers where there is a lack of APA women role models.  In doing so, Amy provides the awakening of power that has traditionally excluded APA women.