What FIERCE means to DC!

Published: Thursday, April 5th, 2012

*The Fierce Women I Know*

The Fierce Women I know
Have fled countries carrying nothing
But the memory of their homeland on their skin.

They have outlived world wars
Been bought, enslaved, persecuted
And denied the right to an education.

They have engaged in battles for their bodies
Witnessed power corrupt their families
And felt the force of a fist against flesh.

The Fierce Women I know
Have survived history’s attempts
To break us down and wipe us out.

They use their strength to rewrite what’s been miswritten about us
Fighting slogans and stereotypes
Stamped across our chests.

They roar from rooftops and cages
From City Hall to the steps of Congress
Demanding equal access to resources.
For everyone.

Fierce women know their own minds.
They call you out on your ignorance
And love you at the same time.

Fierce women know their own hearts
Though doubts may set in once in a while.
We take on too much
But we take care of one another.
We cry out in unison when our spirits are broken
And wander alone, together until grown enough to return home.

Fierce Women may hold grudges but we remain critical and conscious
Knowing the movement’s beyond us
And the time and space we occupy.

My Fierce Sisters and I misbehave and play outlaw
Bound to nothing and no one but to who we are.
We are survivors, community organizers, lawyers,
Students, poets, movers and shakers.
We are mothers, daughters, sisters, partners
Holding up the sky.

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