NAPAWF Joins the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women, for Reproductive Rights and Justice!

By charley
Published: Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

January 22nd is the 38th Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Roe v. Wade is the historic Supreme Court decision overturning a Texas interpretation of abortion law and making abortion legal in the United States. The Roe v. Wade decision held that a woman, with her doctor, could choose abortion in earlier months of pregnancy without restriction, and with restrictions in later months, based on the right to privacy. With the new House leadership, the right to safe, affordable, and accessible abortion is under attack.

The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) has joined the Silver Ribbon campaign to Trust Women, for Reproductive Rights and Justice which is an entire month (Jan 22-Feb 22) dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of trusting women when it comes to their health, their families, and their communities.

Since the recent election, the opponents of reproductive health care and women’s rights claim they speak for America. They do not.

It’s time to come together and show our strength.
It’s time to express the true voices of America.
We need to stand by each other and claim our rights to the legal health care to which we’re entitled.

1. Wear a Silver Ribbon, to show you Support Reproductive Rights and Justice and that you Trust Women. For a $5 donation to the Center for Policy Analysis you can order a Silver Ribbon pin online.
You can also choose to donate to many of our partner groups.

2. Spread the Word Send out this message, and:
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3. Take action! Join us! Tell Your Story at!

The silver ribbon represents science over ideology
We who proudly wear it: support reproductive rights support free access to birth control support keeping abortion legal and accessible

Trust Women!

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