NAPAWF Endorses LGBTQ Awareness Week

Published: Thursday, October 28th, 2010

NAPAWF is proud to be one of the endorsers of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition’s 2nd annual LGBTQ Awareness Week. This week’s activities are an opportunity to celebrate, uplift, and embrace queer youth. NAPAWF stands with and supports the assertion that LGBTQ youth are not simply beneficiaries of change, but can and must be the creators and leaders of change.

Over the past several weeks, the issue of bullying and the loss of several LGBTQ youth has been at the forefront of media attention.  NAPAWF believes that rather than focusing on “It Gets Better” campaigns and media portrayals of LGBTQ youth as victims, we must address the systematic barriers and discrimination that LGBTQ youth face. As other writers and organizations have noted, LGBTQ youth of color face complexities of homelessness, poverty, and immigration status, among other barriers, and yet many are still out, loud, and proud members of their communities.

NAPAWF is committed to fostering and supporting leadership development of LGBTQ youth. We believe that transforming the reality that some LGBTQ youth face requires an examination of multiple issues and the transformation of larger cultural norms, which contribute to an environment in which violence is tolerated. NAPAWF stands in solidarity with the National Youth Advocacy Coalition and LGBTQ youth to promote LGBTQ Awareness Week and recognize five fierce queers!

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