NAPAWF Continues to Fight AZ SB1070!

Published: Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

NAPAWF signed onto an amicus brief filed by Legal Momentum to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal on September 30th.  The amicus brief stated that the decision by the District Court of Arizona to prohibit the most egregious provisions from going into effect should stand. If not enjoined, SB 1070 will cut off immigrant women from assistance in preventing violence, abuse, and other crimes, by requiring Arizona law enforcement to detain and question upon “reasonable suspicion” a person not carrying sufficient immigration papers.

Click here for NAPAWF’s statement in opposition to the anti-immigrant AZ law.

Click here for an article on how the anti-immigrant AZ law targets women and families.

Click here for NAPAWF’s statement on the injunction issued by the District court of Arizona.

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