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Oct 28, 2010

NAPAWF Endorses LGBTQ Awareness Week

NAPAWF is proud to be one of the endorsers of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition’s 2nd annual LGBTQ Awareness Week. This week’s activities are an opportunity to celebrate, uplift, and embrace queer youth. NAPAWF stands with and supports the assertion that LGBTQ youth are not simply beneficiaries of change, but can and must be the […]

Oct 28, 2010

Lawsuits Challenging PPACA Move Forward!

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care act has been under attack since it was signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010. In the courtrooms, the law is being challenged because of the individual mandate. This mandate, which requires that most individuals have minimum health insurance or pay a penalty, is crucial to the viability […]

Oct 06, 2010

NAPAWF Continues to Fight AZ SB1070!

NAPAWF signed onto an amicus brief filed by Legal Momentum to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal on September 30th.  The amicus brief stated that the decision by the District Court of Arizona to prohibit the most egregious provisions from going into effect should stand. If not enjoined, SB 1070 will cut off immigrant women […]

Oct 05, 2010

NAPAWF Welcomes a New Orange County Chapter!

Written by Juliane Nguyen The California Young Women’s Collaborative (CYWC), NAPAWF’s flagship youth-led research and activism project, made its way down to Southern California in Fall 2009. CSU Fullerton’s Asian American Studies program was excited to sponsor the CYWC project last year, where 11 students led community-based participatory research regarding women’s reproductive and sexual health. […]

Oct 05, 2010

In Loving Memory of Joannie

Written by Jenny Huang In August, hundreds of friends, family, and colleagues gathered on both the East and West Coasts to celebrate the life of Joannie Chang. Among her many accomplishments, Joannie was a NAPAWF Founding Sister who helped to build the platform for NAPAWF soon after graduating from law school. Joannie touched the lives […]