CYWC Fullerton “NAPAWF Boyz” Rap for API Women’s Health

By wyang
Published: Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

The students from our California Young Women’s Collaborative have done it again! The “NAPAWF Boyz” composed and performed an amazing rap for the CYWC Girls to raise awareness of sexual health issues in the API community.

Informative and real, this rap highlights our community’s (surprising) choice of contraceptives, unplanned pregnancies, and more.

Find out more by reading the lyrics below, or to hear the performance,  click the “play audio” button click here.

Song Title: GO NAPAWF


no more talk tallk talk, we gon rise..

we gon walk walk walk, with arms high..

we gon run run run with each stride…

then we’ll jump, jump, jump to the sky…

it’s a grassroots movement, i’m a tell you why.

cause the RE-Revolution will not be televised..


hey hey  hey, i got something to say,

concerning api women’s health today..(2x)


ladies pay attention, cause what i’m about to mention,

is simply not a sentence, but it’s an intervention,

prevention of unwanted pregnancies,

no more slave to ignorance, cause we breaking free,

don’t be shocked, be alarmed, what i’m phrasing next.

so amazin’, all the asians engaged in sex…

40 do without condoms, numbers not deceptive..

40 use withdrawal method as a contraceptive..

and thats a percentage, not just word of mouth,

so you know that it’s nothing to laugh off about….

if u don’t believe me, napawf can vouch. so

get the message out..let these numbers go south...

and this ain’t partisan, not no left or right,

cause the stats tell it best, nothing left to write,

so it’s time to take a stand, this is precious life

so it’s time to take a stand, this is precious life..


who are we who are we, now tell em who we be?,

the napawf class, C-Y-W-C,

what we want what we want, is for you just to see,

some issues in the API Community…

one more time, who are we, we’ll tell you who be,

napawf fullerton-CYWC,,

what we want, what we want is for you just to see,

some issuess in the api community…


let’s stand up and fight-unite, for what’s right…

with our might, with our sight, let’s shine a new light…

til it is too bright…we”ll reach a new height…

and truth is what we write, cause u know it’s true life…

no time to be complacent, time is wasting,

erasing the lies, and the truth we’ll chase then,

tasting the facts, now we’ll spread it like a virus,

starting with yourself,  and we’re headed where the sky is,

love is your guide, we’ll fly high like a pilot,

if u know the truth, then why would u hide it?,

no …..more disguises…no…can’t be divided…

api community, time to be decisive…

time just to inform, many are misguided

information’s free, but who will pro-vide it?,

again this is life, not a hollywood show,

so should everybody know, yeah it ought to be so,

and to every single women,  mind, body, and soul,


time for us to  care, be aware of what is there,

information we should share… more lives we can spare…

if you feeling what i’m saying..lemme hear you say yeahhhhh…

(Chorus) 1x


what is going on ?, perhaps it’s trapped fears,

that are keeping people strapped, let me make the stats clear,

our napawf class asked who had a pap smear

in the past two years, and the gap was crazy,

apis were 53, but for whites it’s 80,

see we’re lagging way behind,  api community,

time for us to come together, cause it’s time for unity

it’s time to plant the seed, cause u know it’s true indeed,

if u wanna make a change, then it starts with u and me,


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