Support Goodwin Liu’s Nomination to the Ninth Circuit!

By admin
Published: Thursday, May 20th, 2010

NAPAWF supports Professor Goodwin Liu’s nomination to serve as a federal appellate court judge on the Ninth Circuit.  Anti-choice Senators have indicated that they are gearing up for a fight to oppose his confirmation. As Senator Sessions (R-AL) said, “We’ll not confirm somebody like that.”

Come again? Professor Liu has an impressive academic and legal background and has demonstrated that he supports a constitutional right to privacy.  And, his background is an inspiring story for all Asian Pacific Americans.  If confirmed, Professor Liu would be the only Asian or Pacific Islander among the 25 active federal appellate court judges in the Ninth Circuit. That statistic is particularly troubling given that over 12% of the population of the Ninth Circuit is API.  We need more judges like Professor Liu on the federal court! Click here to read more about Professor Liu’s background and qualifications.

Join NAPAWF and NARAL in urging your Senator to confirm Professor Liu.

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