We did it, but we’re not done.

By admin
Published: Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Today, the President signed the historic health reform bill.  This is truly a momentous day–and it would not have happened without the voices of API women and girls.  Thanks to your support, your letters, your emails, your calls, and your legislative visits, the health insurance industry that has not worked for our communities will be massively overhauled.  More people will be covered, insurers will be barred from engaging in the most discriminatory practices, and we got many of the things we asked for as API women who need workable, meaningful health insurance.  We got more money for community health centers, guaranteed coverage for preventative services, and strong data collection mandates.  In many ways, health reform can be seen as a win for API women and girls.

As you know, we did not win every battle.  We are disappointed in the treatment of immigrants and abortion access in the final bill.  We know the bill wasn’t perfect, and we will continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform, as well as reproductive justice, for API women and girls.

The good news is, we are politically stronger now than we were before these battles.  And, the API women and girls among the 32million who will now have access to health insurance that covers preventative care are also healthier! Thanks for helping us get there.  All in all, this is truly a step forward in the movement for economic and social justice for API women and girls. We did it, but we’re not done.

In solidarity,


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