On December 2nd, we made our voices heard.

By bonnie
Published: Friday, December 4th, 2009

Thank you for standing up for API women and girls on December 2.  All over the country, NAPAWF members took action to send a message to our lawmakers: API women need abortion care, and we won’t stand for health reform that ignores women’s needs.

Thank you for organizing call-in day activities, as NAPAWF’s Seattle chapter did, for attending the rally in San Francisco, as our Bay Area chapter did, and for visiting legislators in DC to tell them to vote no on Stupak-like abortion restrictions and anti-immigrant amendments in health reform, as members of our Las Vegas and DC chapters did.

NAPAWF needs to gather information about what you or your chapter did on the National Day of Action.  Did you make posters for a rally? Did you call your representative in Congress? Did you attend a demonstration? Did you take photos? Please email Amanda at rjfellow@napawf.org to tell us what YOU did to amplify API women’s voices.

And let’s keep the momentum going. Follow up by signing the petition and making calls to your legislators.

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