Where Is Our Media Visibility?

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Published: Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Dear NAPAWF members,

Last Thursday, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and key White House officials met with advocates, labor organizations, faith leaders and other stakeholders to discuss the progress of immigration reform. The meeting was an important opportunity for proponents of immigrant justice to voice central concerns about the state and movement of CIR, and garnered broad media attention.

In week five of the “Immigration is HERstory and OUR Story” campaign, we want to focus on the media visibility of API women and girls in immigration reform. Along with your participation in the AAPI Week of Action, completion of the immigration community survey, and sharing your personal immigration narrative, we ask you to engage in one of the following actions to promote visibility for API women:

  • Submit photos of your family, of NAPAWF members participating in advocacy events, of anything related to the immigrant API women experience and what that means to you.
  • Write an op-ed to your local newspaper discussing specific issues within the reform movement, local immigration events, or your perspective on how this is affecting our communities.
  • Blog for Warrior Prose, the NAPAWF blog, and share your thoughts on any issue relating to API women and girls.
  • Submit an article on the impact that immigration reform could have on API women in your community, and get it published in your local ethnic newspaper.

For questions or assistance with these actions or about “Immigration is HERstory and OUR story,” please contact Lan at lnguyen@napawf.org.

For justice,

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