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Published: Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Dear NAPAWF members,

In one week, over 45 members have completed NAPAWF’s Immigration Community Survey. Have you? If not, please take a few minutes right now to fill out the survey.

Of the responses so far, we’ve found:

  • 53% were born in the United States. Those who were not, were born in Canada, Colombia, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Kuwait, South Korea, and Vietnam.
  • NAPAWF members and their families came to the U.S. as early as the 1850’s and as recently as 2000.
  • 12% have family members who immigrated solely through employment-based visas, 21% through a mixture of employment and family-based visas, and overwhelmingly, 68% listed family-based visas as their family’s sole means of immigration.
  • 37% know someone who has been detained and/or deported.
  • 32% know someone who was in/affected by an ICE raid.
  • 40% have or know someone who has experienced a hate crime because of perceived immigration status.
  • 70% have or know someone who has been negatively affected by English only material.

Help us to continue gathering these critical data by forwarding the survey link to other API women you know:!

Week THREE: What’s Your Immigration Story?

For Week THREE of the Immigration is HERstory and OUR Story Campaign, we’re moving from the political to the personal. We want you to tell us your personal immigration story.

Consider these questions:

  • What obstacles did you/your family face in coming to the United States?
  • What motivated you/your family to come?
  • Were your family members separated for long periods of time? If so, how did that impacted you?
  • As an API woman, have gender roles played a part in your immigration experience?
  • Have you/your family had a negative experience with immigration enforcement, such as through raids or the 287g program?

If you have a story to share and help lift up the voices of API women and girls, please email Lan at lnguyen[at] We’ll post your story on our blog, Warrior Prose and may deliver your message on one of our Hill visits. Please indicate if you would like to remain anonymous when we post or share your story.

Also, remember the National Week of Action starts next week! Come out and join other fierce sisters in support of comprehensive immigration reform!

For questions about the Immigration is HERstory and Our Story Campaign, please contact Lan at lnguyen[at]

For justice,

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