Immigration is HERstory and OUR Story

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Published: Monday, August 3rd, 2009

It’s time to mobilize for immigration reform!
Dear NAPAWF members,

The time is now! Congress has announced plans to introduce a comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill by Labor Day. This gives us roughly three months to mobilize around this critical issue.

Immigration is a major platform area for NAPAWF because immigration policies affect so many Asian and Pacific Islander (API) women and girls. Nearly two-thirds of the API population in the U.S. are foreign-born, with the majority being women and girls. Approximately 1.5 million of those immigrants are undocumented. The current immigration system is broken and detrimentally impacts API communities by the huge visa backlogs, raids and deportations that tear families apart, unreasonable barriers to public services, deplorable detention conditions that neglect basic health needs, employer exploitation in the underground economy, and insufficient protection for victims of violence, sexual abuse and trafficking.

NAPAWF believes that true comprehensive immigration reform must be grounded in principles of human rights, and include provisions that support all immigrants, their families and their communities. But the API immigrant women’s narrative is rarely, if ever, depicted in mainstream media. We need to promote visibility around this important issue to insert both an API and gender analysis to the immigration debate.

In the next six weeks, we will be sending out a six-part series of action alerts as part of NAPAWF’s “Immigration is HERstory and OUR story” campaign, to inform you about what NAPAWF members and chapters can do to support comprehensive immigration reform. This campaign is meant to not only invoke action around CIR, but also generate dialogue about how immigrant API women and girls are affected by immigration policies.

Week One: Immigration Reform for Asian Americans
In this first week, we’re connecting you to the Asian American Week of Action (August 17-24), which is a chance to show solidarity with other APIs who are committed to passing comprehensive immigration reform. During the August congressional recess, when Members of Congress will be home in their respective districts, several national and state API organizations will be teaming up to host town halls and events across the country to show Congress that APIs have a stake in the immigration debate. Events will be concentrated in the Week of Action, but will also be supported by related events in the preceding and following weeks.

What chapters can do
–Attend and help advertise the events listed below
–Schedule your “Made in LA” screening during the Week of Action
–Set up an in-district meeting (contact staff for assistance)
–Host a panel discussion/issue forum

Week of Action events

Community Briefing on Immigration
Local Host: Asian American Justice Center and Asian American Civic Association
Place: Boston, MA
Date: Friday, August 14

Asian American Town Hall Meeting
Local Host: Asian American Institute and Community orgs
Place: Chicago, IL
Date: Saturday, August 22

Asian Americans for Immigration Reform Press Event
Local Host: Asian Pacific American Legal Center and Asian Law Caucus
Place: Los Angeles, CA
Date: TBD

Other: Legislative visits organized by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and Asian Law Caucus.

For questions or assistance with any of these events or activities, please contact Lan at

For justice,

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