Diana’s Health Care story

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Published: Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

i’m a research consultant for a foundation and work pt as a professor in ethnic studies at UC Berkeley. (got my PhD in 2006) Nope, no health care, just two part time jobs. 35 years old, make good money, but can’t keep up with the paperwork, or the expense, of health care.

in terms of affordability, i remember clearly when i was a student, the only options for me to get an abortion would have been to go to clinic nearly 2 hours by public transit from here. and pay $500+. As a graduate student, i had no money to pay for these services nor did i have access to a car. i broke into tears at the doctor’s office. a nice chinese lady too. there was so much fear and shame around the abortion, i didn’t know who i could talk to, and i definitely did not have any money to pay for the operation. luckily there was a local community-based women’s clinic that charged me less than $100, but that was clearly not covered by my student health insurance. i managed to put together the money for that payment, but … it was already a hard enough decision, a hard enough situation, that having to worry about money and while having health coverage of some sort … i can’t imagine that situation now that i don’t have health insurance and that women’s clinic has closed because the state won’t pay the bills they owe to the clinic …

~ diana

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