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Jun 16, 2009

Lona’s health care story

I find it ironic that as a student studying health promotion and education that I cannot do as I teach because I lack health insurance coverage. I figured that as a young health person with my knowledge level, I could forgo health insurance until I graduated and obtained a real job. Well, I was wrong. […]

Jun 15, 2009

A story about the need for culturally and linguistically sensitive care

I came home to Portland, Oregon for winter break from graduate studies at the University of Chicago. It was nice to go home during this time because both of my younger sisters also were away for college. A couple days before Christmas we went shopping, buying presents at the last minute and catching up as […]

Jun 11, 2009

A tragic lack of health insurance story

A story of a single Hmong man in Fresno, June 2008, a 21 years old had appendicitis with no private and medical health insurance. He and his parent believed that it was a stomach flue or typical stomach after eating some unusual foods. Because the young man does not have medical or private health insurance […]

Jun 10, 2009

Diana’s Health Care story

i’m a research consultant for a foundation and work pt as a professor in ethnic studies at UC Berkeley. (got my PhD in 2006) Nope, no health care, just two part time jobs. 35 years old, make good money, but can’t keep up with the paperwork, or the expense, of health care. in terms of […]

Jun 09, 2009

Pixar Leads the Way Forward with “Up”

By Lucy Zhou