International Women’s Day Events in the Seattle Area

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Published: Friday, February 27th, 2009

NAPAWF does not endorse these events nor the organizations sponsoring them. This listing is for informational purposes only.

Date:08 March 2009
Time:17:00 – 20:00
Event: International Women’s Day 2009 Black Tie Gala
About: Please join us to celebrate women, raise awareness and support women’s groups here at home and across the globe
Venue: Mill Creek Country Club, 15500 Country Club Dr, Mill Creek, WA
Organization:Just One: A nonprofit organization that exists to stimulate greater global awareness about extreme poverty, and to provoke compassionate ideas and intelligent giving in order to provide sustainable relief

Date:12 March 2009
Time:11:15 – 15:00
Event: Women & Land luncheon
About: Throughout the world, women seek the means to nourish their children and provide for their families. In the poorest countries, providing for one’s family is more difficult, because women do not have the same civil liberties and rights including the basic right to own property. Each March, RDI draws together the Seattle community and international development leaders to celebrate International Women’s Day and to support efforts that strengthen women’s land rights, giving them a secure source of shelter, nutrition and economic stability.
Venue: Seattle Sheraton Hotel, Metropolitan Ballroom, Seattle
Organization: Rural Development Institute: RDI is a nonprofit organization of attorneys helping the rural poor in developing countries obtain legal rights to land. RDI attorneys are experts in land law and policy who work with governments of developing countries, foreign aid agencies, and other partners to reform land law and consult on land policy

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