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Aug 22, 2008

Interview with Mallika Dutt

By Dinah Chung, Grace Lee, and Dawn Philip Mallika Dutt is the Founder and Executive Director of Breakthrough, an international human rights organization using innovative high impact education, media and popular culture to transform communities and bring about social change. Mallika has authored several articles and essays and is the recipient of numerous awards including […]

Aug 21, 2008

Interview with Lora Jo Foo

By Grace Lee and Dawn Philip Lora Jo Foo is the author of Asian American Women: Issues, Concerns, and Responsive Human and Civil Rights Advocacy and most recently, Earth Passages. She is a native of San Francisco, born and raised in the city’s Chinatown. From the age of 11, Lora worked as a garment worker. […]

Aug 20, 2008

Interview with Cindy Domingo

By Callista Bevans Cindy Domingo began working for social justice as a college student. She helped lead solidarity movements on the University of Washington campus against the dictatorship of the Marcos family in the Philippines. Cindy is a NAPAWF founding sister and has been active in many social justice organizations in and around Seattle. In […]

Aug 19, 2008

Interview with Helen Zia

By Bonnie Chan Helen Zia is an activist, journalist, writer, and NAPAWF founding sister. She was born in New Jersey in 1952 and graduated with Princeton University’s first female graduating class before becoming a community organizer and award-winning journalist, as well as executive editor of Ms. Magazine. She is the author of Asian American Dreams: […]

Aug 18, 2008

Interview with Grace Lee Boggs

By Dinah Chung, Grace Lee, and Dawn Philip Grace Lee Boggs is an activist, writer, and speaker whose sixty years of political involvement include working in the Labor, Civil Rights, Black Power, Asian American, Women’s and Environmental Justice movements. Grace is deeply connected to Detroit, Michigan, where she has lived for the past fifty years […]

Aug 11, 2008


By Consistent Transition So I’m talking to this pseudo-suitor today and he tells me about people who interdate (AKA “Internet Date”). Apparently, some guys freak out about “angle shots” where women (“fat” women) post photos of themselves that make them look “thin” so when they go on their actual date the guy is devastated because […]