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May 26, 2008

Was I Not Pretty Before?

By Cathy Lam Dang, NAPAWF-Los Angeles member “I only want what’s the best for you. I’m willing to spend thousands on you. You need this, don’t you want to be beautiful? Imagine what you’ll look like,” she says. “Once you’re done, lose fifteen pounds and you’ll be perfect.” As I am lying on the bed […]

May 21, 2008

Victory in California!

By Bonnie Chan, California Young Women’s Collaborative Project Coordinator On Thursday, May 15, 2008, the California Supreme Court overturned a state ban on same-sex marriage, ruling by a historic 4-3 vote that same-sex couples now have the right to marry in California. Forwarded news stories, press releases, and celebratory emails started flooding my email inbox […]

May 19, 2008

TVPRA Reauthorization: What’s the deal?

By Liezl Tomas Rebugio, Anti-Trafficking Project Director It is high time for the Trafficking Victims Protection Act to be reauthorized. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2007, HR 3887 last December, but the Senate has yet to introduce its version. There are some really great provisions in […]

May 02, 2008

Of Love and Strangers

By Bonnie Chan, California Young Women’s Collaborative Coordinator Today I find myself wanting to write about love and strangers. I’m thinking primarily about the strangers I met and talked with while in central Mexico this past January. At a remote indigenous community in the mountains near Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, I attended a small encuentro in which […]

May 01, 2008

NAPAWF supports “May Day”

The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) joins workers around the world in fighting for workers’ rights today, “May Day.” Also known as International Workers’ Day, May 1st is recognized in many countries as a way to commemorate and honor the struggles and gains of workers and the labor movement. In recent years in […]