Blogging on the Blogs

By admin
Published: Thursday, April 24th, 2008

By Lisa Fu, Organizing Director

I’m not a regular blogger but I do read them! Over the weekend I caught up on some big things that happened in the women of color blogosphere earlier this month. Among a few things, well-respected blogger Brownfemipower pulled her blog offline and fierce sister Jenn from Reappropriate went on hiatus. Why? Well folks, racism and sexism within and outside of communities of color are all still alive and well.

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about: “Yeah, I’m down. I’m all for the X movement…as long as you don’t check me on my privilege…why you gotta be so angry…this is your fault anyways.” Yes, people. This bulls*** exists even within the blogging community. In fact, this technological day and age allows for new ways of IN YOUR FACE (i.e. on your screen) words of hate, ignorance and pain. Yet at the same time, technology also allows for more love and pride to be shared within the blogosphere. Reading through the various women of color blogs that are writing about what happened, there’s a lot of love for the fierce bloggers who put themselves out there in the face of ignorance and attacking words. I would like to add to the love!!! For all of you fierce women of color bloggers (past, present and future), who represent, speak your truths, and claim your right to exist as fierce writers and thinkers and activists–from my screen to yours–thank you for your words, your stories and the power that you bring to all of us. I’ve got mad love and respect for you.

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