Immigrant Rights


NAPAWF believes that a race and gender analysis is critical to the development of fair and just immigration reform and immigration-related policies. As policy makers and advocates continue to push for reforms to the U.S. immigration system, few have considered the impact these policies may have on immigrant women. Immigrant women are more likely than U.S. born women to live in poverty, be unemployed and lack health insurance. Accordingly, NAPAWF is committed advocating on the issue of immigrant rights and API women.

» Movement Building

As a convener and co-chair of the National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights (NCIWR), we currently engage in cross-movement building work by fostering relationships and developing policy strategies among reproductive rights/justice, women’s rights and immigrant rights organizations on the federal, state and local levels.

» Take Action!

  • We Belong Together: NAPAWF and National Domestic Workers Alliance are co-leading a women’s delegation to Georgia on September 28-28, 2011 to give voice and visibility to how anti-immigrant laws impact women, children and families. Join us as we make a stance on why families belong together! For more information on the convening, click here.
  • Host a screening of the Emmy-award winning documentary Made in LA.
  • Join our Immigration is HERstory and Our story campaign to ensure that API women and girls are included in the debate.

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